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Faulty Cooker

brand new zanussi cooker got condemned by the national grid we have no choice but to eat out which is expensive and can only get a contribution of 50 pounds towards it all and no engineer till next week is bloody ludicrous as not our fault and why should be out of pocket who agrees?



Ipads on 24 month lease

Bought 2 ipads for my children, told by salesperson that lease would be beneficial as could upgrade ,  they didn’t however say that I would be ripped off financially and after the 24 months, would still have to pay another 3 months before I owned it. I now wish to cancel lease but currys pc world are not helpful,  nor is the lease company.

How do I cancel this Lease???


Abysmal “service” from Currys PC World

Having spent half an hour being totally ignored at their store in Solihull, I bought a Samsung smart TV online from Currys PC World, albeit at a sale price, and paid over £40 extra for delivery and connection by people laughingly calling themselves “Know How”. They were absolutely useless. They said they couldn’t connect it to the internet because an essential part didn’t come with the TV and that I had to order it separately. Their objective was clearly to get back in their van and away as quickly as possible. Emails to Currys PC World went unanswered. I will never again set foot in any of their stores or go on their website. They seem to treat customers with total contempt. I’ll go to John Lewis even if it costs more. What a wonderful difference in service – the complete opposite.



Mis sold product support

I never ever buy product extended warranty or other insurances. EVER!!!
However after buying a laptop in January at PC World I noticed on my April bank statement a charge for Product Support £7.50 and the reference 08448006080, not knowing what this was I googled the number to find out the number referred to PCWorld/ Curry`s. Phoned up their customer services to find out that the charge was associated with the laptop, was puzzled on a few counts.

1. I do not remember authorising this
2. The payee reference on the statement is a phone number, no mention of the companies involved.
3. The payment is against my debit card, surely it is more usual to set up a direct debit for services of this kind, then the customer has to sign the DD instruction.

This is a ruse to sell an insurance product in an underhand way, not a great way to do business.
Looking back at my previous statements I saw that I have been paying this since February and did not realise before. Feel as though I HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM.

Will see if the total stolen is refunded