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Discrimination in PC World

I have just returned from a (non)PC World really upset and in pain. I’m severely disabled with only one leg and spent a week researching for a new computer. I have to plan my journey very carefully and need to be really certain that I achieve at least something for my efforts. I thought I had when I made the long trip to the Friern Barnet store.
I can’t stand for long periods but this fool working there seemed uncomfortable serving me and made me walk around unnecessarily while talking to himself about computers.
Any effort I made to explain my requirements were ignored and he just babbled on and on with out listening. I was in agony by now and just wanted to buy a desktop and go home. No chance ! When I could speak he just talked louder over me telling me what I ‘need’. I said I wanted a mid range desktop and have £500 budget. That shut him up ! Really shut him up.   He just said “go online” and blanked me out.
I said there is a desktop package that I would like to see but he was lost to me by now. Because I didn’t want to spend £3000 on his choice of something he asked me to leave. I looked at him in disbelief….
I told him again, I came here to buy a desktop that was on display….he didn’t even look at me.
I needed to get home by now, I felt ill. I’d come all this way to be ignored and insulted by a staff member. PC World don’t like disabled people or those with only £500. (in this case, both)
I tried speaking to another staff member but he just ducked and hid behind a fridge.

In short then….PC World staff at Friern Barnet don’t want disabled customers or people with less than £1000.  Thanks for nothing…. Any complaint goes through their staff and is ‘lost’.



PC World Complaint

On Sunday 15th March 2015. At round  145pm. myself and my son attended. Your shop in Merry Hill in Dudley West Midlands. To purchase a New Laptop  we were there for around  90 minutes. At no point did any of the Computer staff  come over and offer any advice on any models we look at  so we  had to pondered on our own

I did at one point ask a male Staff meet on the spec on a lap top he walked passed. Without stopping and continued to go to another male  in which he turned the music up and stood there chatting !!!  Total ignorance and arrogance  and when we finally did choose
We asked another., Staff member about  the specifications. On the laptop  he seemed totally bored  and uninterested  it he did answer our questions one question was. Can I play DVDs. And music   Yes. He told me
So we. Decided to purchase the laptop

I went to the cashier called Barbara to pay and. Decided to Pay for the extra cover. And laptop In Full  Cash !

Barbara. Was very Rude  and. Showed discrimination about my Surname calling my
AUNTY.  and sniggered. Myself and my son was very embarrassed  by  this and felt. Uncomfortable.  She was talking to us about her social welfare. Job she does. ( what reference that has to do with laptops is beyond me )
We left and took the laptop home opened it up and the adviser had gove us the  wrong  specifications details. And going to PC World was a wasted journey !

I had to return the laptop the next morning at 9.10am 16th March 2015  (another journey )  I asked to speak to the store manager. And told him my experience  he really seemed  uninterested and CBA. He replied I’ll speak to Barbara. And handed me over to someone else where I was walked down to another. Person who both. Gave me my money back
I did  say that the music  was far to loud and. The staff seemed to congrats around this area
And just chat away. Other customers where left unattended also and just walked away

One staff member told me the music is far to loud and some staff just  can’t be bothered and makes other s look bad

merry hill store   Is a Joke !!!



pc world warranties – what ever happens

i have several computers all with   what ever happens policies   with pc world all of which all state in black and white that they will send a repair man to my business address for any pc repairs as it was all done through the business centre or i could take the computer to the plymouth branch for a repair in store ?
whilst my computer is being repaired in store i would be able to have a loan machine to continue with my business
this policy has been running since 2007 so they have had thousands of pounds in warranties totalling £46.99 per month for all my policies to date
but i have been told the policy is not worth the paper its written on by several staff in the store and the work to be done to the computers must be done by a there own workshop and the computer must be sent away

i have just received the repaired computer which has had all 8 years worth of work deleted from the machine
they say i would have to pay for the recovery of the items again it states that all data will be saved
they contacted me to ask for approval of payment of £60 for an external memory stick for the work to be saved
i said that i would send a stick in to the shop
when i went to the shop 2 days later with the new stick
i was told that the work had been carried out and all my garage data for the past 8 years was now deleted
today i went to pick up the machine from pc world
i took it home plugged it in and everything is gone
but they say they have replaced the card reader  ?
thats funny as its still got the old one in it  ?
as is still loose in the font of the machine
the machine on start up struggles for power so its basically unfit for purpose

i have taken it back to pc world to be sent back once again for a proper repair ?

surely if my policy states a repair man with fix the machine
or i can take it to the store for a fix
followed by a loan machine and data back up?

what ive ended up with is a completely deleted machine which is useless to me and the card reader is the original

surely they have breached there contract and surely i should get my moneys back if they will not honour the contract in full

i see that you have covered this story about pc world several times
they are still not looking after there customers.