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Laptop Still not Working

bought laptop 3 months ago, went wrong took back last week. they sent it away for repair went and collected wed still not working. took back again today still they wont exchange had to send away again i think this is bad service as no college work can be done.customer service is appalling will never buy from pc world again. i have been in touch with other company’s they would have changed it.


Buy new laptop – install personal details Wakefield store

Dear Sirs, Went to your Wakefield store to buy a new laptop, greeted by a young lad who was very welcoming, told him what I was looking for and stated to by, during this time he was interrupted twice and eventually told to deal with other customer’s.
The duty manager was quite abrupt to him and in my view should have happened in front of a buying customer.
Had the laptop set up by a pc world  tech persons who installed Windows 10 and additional information set up that I gave them (14/9/15) and paid extra for that service, I did explain that I live in Spain and I couldn’t come back on a phone call.

So now I’m left with a hp pavilion laptop that will not work on email type things (sending docs/photos and more so how I was treated as a customer and outcome of a uselessly programmed brand new laptop and will not be revisiting that store again .



Laptop warranty

I recently encountered a problem with my HP Pavilion laptop purchased just six months ago. It would boot after a long time or not at all. Sent it to Knowhow for repair which should be covered by the warranty. They sent it back unrepaired and claimed that it has liquid damage which is not covered by the warranty. Very strange as I never spilled anything on the laptop. I visited the Chiswell branch in London to ask for more details but they sent me away and asked me to call the service.They would ask a lot of money to reapair it (said the motherboard was damaged) and in order to send me photos of the supposed damage they asked me to write a letter to the company secretary department; somethig that requires time and extra efford and know that most people wouldn’t go through that. I had the laptop inspected by another engineer who can confirm that the insides of the laptop and the motherboard are super “healthy” and suspects that there might be a problem with the memory. No water damage, no nothing! They didn’t even open the laptop! I know my legal rights as a consumer and this story will not end here. I feel disgusted by the way they exploit people. It only takes a brief online research to discover that “liquid damage” is a common excuse they use in order to not fix laptops and make people pay ridiculous amounts of money.