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customer service poor

I went in  pcworld store  in  bury st edmunds  on 14-09-14 purchase a  computer  for my  mother  while in there i  wanted to buy a  freezer  but changed  my  mine  left the store  went  shopping  i  desided to  return and purchase this freezer  @ £169.99 with £100  in sale  told in will  take a  week  to come in  so they  take £10  del  charge  off  i said fair enough as didnt need  this  product  in a rush  …..  then  it didnt arrive  no  contact  so  i  phone the  knowhow centre up  who was dealing with as the  store never answer  the  phone  so  ask  knowhow  to deal with it  +  get  manager to  call me  and  many occasions  at least 30 min  on phone each convo —    with  many excuses  they  happily sold  me the  freezer  but they only want to offer me  to  value i  spent  i  told them i  dont  want a  curry own brand  —   i told them if they didnt want to  sell the  freezer  at time  shouldnt off sold it  and it should off been removed from sale there  reply  was we can  sell the product knowing we will get  it  in  store   —  1st call  was told there  was 65 on  order  i may  not get one  as  only  60  was ordered  i  said that  okay  because i was 21 on list  the  sale  guy  told and  showed me the screen  … that time said shouldn’t be a problem  u  get it  in 2  week  another 2 week  another phone seem to  be more excuse after another then after  then  another 2 week then another 2 week  so on .. i spoke  to  a lovely lady  called Caroline  end of Oct ..  who  got the ball moving  after  me  waiting for  over  6  week she told me  the  bury manager would call me  but i  got a knowhow repsentive  and she will get the  area manager  to  call me too sort this problem  out  but  both manager  have  refused to speak too me ….  then  a  gentlemen i  believe from  bury store  contact me  later on in that  day  —  he  offer  me another freezer  same brand  but there will  an addition charge so  i  said far  enough  was £ 40   50-50  so i  pay £20  but i like 30-40  miles away  knowhow agreed  with me they  will cover my  fuel  cost  and time we worked out as £30  as  i didn’t want to  cause  a  problem  other this only wanted to  get  the  freezer i  purchased  at  the price they agreed  to  sell it to me for ……   but the  gentlemen  couldn’t give me £30  i  need to  get it off  knowhow  hmmm pass  buck  around …  so  i with that  £20  extra what am i  getting  he said  you r  going to  get  the freezer u  asked for  but  a newer model  —-  so  said  hmmm  newer model  what do  i  get for the  extra cost  —  well u  get the  same  same  size  same  make  same colour  so i  asked everything the  same ..  he um  then  reply yes  but  it is a newer model  but  i  responded again  and  what is  the  differences and  he  said  nothing just a new model  ….  hmmm i thought i  cant  accept  this offer and  told him  reason  why  and  who  are you  he  said just someone in  bury st Edmund’s  branch  customer services  ….  i  responded with  the manager was supposed to  speak to me …  and convo  ended  …  i  waited till  Tuesday  as  area manager  was going to call me monday  and tuesday  but again  nothing ….. so  i called again  only  for a  person on  phone again  was brill  but again  couldn’t get in  contact with bury branch  after a  few try’s following day  i  got  a call  from the  bury branch to  say  you can  have  the  freezer i dont need to  go  back to  bury branch  i  will  get  this dealt with some  urgentance  all agreed  and i though all was go to be sorted he  then  phone same day and said seem  to be an  issue with  me  faxing  other  if  make sure it sort  tomorrow i  said fair enough i  wasnt at  home this weekend  but was happy to  make a detour  home  along  as i don’t go  back to  pcworld again —  so  too make sure i spoke to  mark — Saturday morning at  10:45  to  confirm  freezer was coming  what time  so  i  could be there  .. yes all is confirm  what time  suits  you i said  afternoon  he said  all done  be  between 1-5  so  i  came  always from where i  was staying to  be her for 1-5  got here about  11 am  but that’s  in material —-  it  got  to  16:45  and i phone to see  whats  going  on  i  got  a rep  who at  1st wasn’t very  helpful  +  u can  guess at this time  i  was really annoyed but held my  tongue she said i ain’t got a delivery i  said recheck my  name +  address  and  she  found it  but had to  go  speak  to  her  supervisor  after a few min  she  return  as  said my  order from  bury  st Edmund’s branch  was  cancel  this  morning  by  the branch manager ….  so  after  reading about other ppl  with same issue i have now  passed  it on to  yourself  so  it  helps other no t  to  purchase items from  pcworld  who  cant supply the items  at point  off sale —  or advertise  offer  in sale  they know  they cant  supply and use many  tactic against  you
sorry for my  spelling  mistake


Non receipt of ink cartridges

I ordered a set if 4bink cartridges on Friday 31st October for my Epson XP-305 printer. Order no PCW1420676888. To date I have not received it. The emails from you confirm it was dispatched and according to the royal mail website it was delivered on the 3rd November. I have checked my recycling bin, over my fence or anywhere else this could have left but it’s not there. There wasnt even a card informing me about redelivery. I HAD NOTHING. I called royal mail but they won’t  talk to me. They said PC world were the customer and not me therefore pc world  must call them. In the meantime I’m left with no ink for my printer, college work to submit and I don’t have enough money to buy more to tide me over. When I called customer services yesterday I was told by an unhelpful person that they would pass my concern onto the relevant department. He couldn’t give me a time scale for when this would be actioned. I asked him to mark it as urgent. I got the impression he didn’t really care about my problem. Far from good customer service! Perhaps he could do with retraining.surely you have a customer complaints procrdure/policy that details timescales for complaints? In the meantime I, THE CUSTOMER, am left without printer ink, no idea on when the issue will be resolved and unable to print off any documents.


Samsung tablet fault at Ravenside Bexhill

I bought my wife a Samsung tablet for Christmas 2013. It has failed to charge. I took it into the Ravenside Retail Park branch at 1p.m. today 4/11/14. I asked for a replacement tablet but was informed that it had to be returned to the manufacturer. I was not happy and asked to see the manager. He told me there was nothing else I could do. He also would not give me his full name other than “Richard” I was less than impressed especially as he appeared to think I was hard of thinking. Next door to this branch is P.C. World who have a tech. dept. Currys didn’t even have a spare lead to check the device with. My wife’s tablet is now out of commission for the foreseeable future. Not good for her business as an antique dealer. Once again Currys appears to be a law unto itself. I still feel I am entitled to a replacement despite the manager’s bull, as the device is not “fit for purpose” and is still under guarantee.


Surface Pro

My name is Beata and I am not BRITISH. I strongly feel that if I was, I would have been dealt with differently. On 21 of October 2014, I went to PC World in Stoke on Trent, Festival Park, Ridge House Drive, S-O-T, ST1 5SJ to purchase Surface Pro with keyboard, brand new “machine” for my work and study. I was not able to pick it up, until following Friday. Used it for the first time on Sunday and discovered that some apps were not installed properly despite the fact that I paid for it as an extra service. Went back to the shop was seen by a new starter (as it turned out later), who was “not the most professional”. However, the job was done at the time, but my complaint was not taken seriously by anybody. On Monday turned out that my brand new Surface Pro does not charge properly. So I went back to the shop left it with the staff, had a phone call, was told that the come over again, and talk about the options regarding my computer as it was FAULTY. So I went back again to PC World in Stoke, was told that my computer will be replaced and I should pick it up before 8pm on Wednesday 29/10/2014(today). So just after 7pm I went back there again with my two sons: 15 year old and 2 year old. It should have been quick “in and out”. Well, mu computer was not ready at all !!! Furthermore, my keyboard with the relevant paperwork containing my personal data was MISSING!. The staff knew nothing about my case, the Manager came in, rushing like mad, trying to find my things. In total 4 members of staff were trying to either ring other members of staff or find my stuff. It was MAD. In a mean time my 2 year old boy started crying as it was getting late. So i said to the manager that I would like to cancel my order, as it was getting worse by the minute. It reminded me of a circus show with jesters running around like a headless chickens. The manager told me that I can not cancel my order!!! It is amusing as I am a law student, who knows consumers rights under The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. I have repetitively asked for my cancellation to take place during this “circus show”. Eventually, the manager lost his temper raised his voice and told me that my “crying baby isn’t his problem”. My 2 year old son Solomon, was terrified of that man, so was my 15 year old autistic son Sew. I really wanted to leave and asked again for the cancellation to take place. It was falling on death ears. I am the board member of The Amnesty International, at the Staffordshire University and I know that his behavior towards us was hostile and was bordering on ridiculousness causing unnecessary suffering and MENTAL TORTURE to my children.  Furthermore, I strongly feel that under the Equality Act 2010, my basic human rights were affected, as I was not given fair and equal treatment when wanted to cancel the order, due to lack of reasonableness when dealing with me and also PC World‘s serious failings including loss of my personal possessions. My computer is still not sorted, according to PC World I can not cancel the order as well!!! I need to go back there again tomorrow to see if it is ready. Will PC World pay for my petrol, my time, my and my children detriment suffered during this ridiculous situation, or PC World‘s management will create a new law in English and Welsh legal system?