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Last week my laptop died so I visited your Brooklands outlet to get a replacement. I was surprised to learn that although I have always had insurance  from the company for the several years I have had it, the terms of said insurance only covers the machine and I have had to pay a large sum to have all my settings ect applied to the new one As I have do not have either the necessary skills or time to do this myself I feel somewhat cheated. Perhaps I missed the relevant information in the [email protected] on the original paperwork. Just to make me feel even worse on contacting my home contents provider was informed they would cover machine and set up. No brainier in future! P.s the guy who helped me at Brooklands was a total star.




I’m writing to complain about your awful customer service. As you can see below, I paid for a laptop online on the understanding it would be delivered to the Gloucester PC World store on 28th April. I went into the store to collect the laptop @ 6.30 p.m. There were about 10 8 PC World or Currys employees in the store. Stood in a circle talking with each other……I was ignored by them all, as were other customers. Eventually I get frustrated and break the group up: one of the employees then asks how he can help. I explain I’ve come to collect a laptop and show him the order. He says he’s not allowed in the warehouse and goes off to ask someone else. The next person cannot be allowed in the warehouse either. Apparently the only person allowed in the warehouse is Lee, the manager and he’s busy right now!

Finally Lee arrives. By now I’m really frustrated. Lee then says to me he’s serving someone else. My frustration boils over. Lee says he’s not going to deal with anyone annoyed, turns his back on me and walks off. Some manager! Talk about setting a bad example for his team. Finally they do allow someone other than Lee to look in the warehouse and surprise, surprise, the laptop in not there..…then I get home to find an E mail sent by you on Thursday 28th April at about 18.45 p.m. saying you’re now processing my order; even though when you took the order you told me it would be in the store for me to collect by Thursday 28th after 5.00 p.m……..as you can see below.

My whole customer experience has been terrible. You’ve broken trust by taking an order on the basis of delivery by 28th April without intending to honour that promise. It’s ridiculous that you don’t trust your employees to go into the warehouse to give basic support to customers. And the attitude of your manager and staff is one of complete indifference. I tried ringing your support number to complain: after 5 minutes of choosing different options and being kept waiting, I gave up trying to speak to someone, so that was lousy too. Your organization seems to have forgotten that without customers you have no business. You seem to be merging Currys and PC World in Gloucester. I guess you’re trying to cut costs and stem losses. You’re wasting your time. You won’t last much longer, treating your customers so badly.

Given that customer service comes from the top, I doubt I’ll get much of a response to this E mail. You’d like to think your organization cared and someone would offer me something like a second year warranty for free, but I’m not hopeful. I will copy and paste this complaint onto your blog. Would I recommend PC world to a friend? Would I buy from you again? No chance………quite the reverse…..if anyone I know says they’re buying from PC World, I’ll tell them to go elsewhere.



missing printer/complaint

where do I start,so frustrated over this and didn’t realise I was dealing with a cowboy company,this is the last time ever I will shop with currys/pc world again. When I ordered this computer I went for this one at this store as it came with the free printer instead of one at John Lewis,how I regret that,online it said comes with free printer for £699.99. I made the order,I didn’t see any message that I had to put the printer in the basket,I still don’t believe there was. The computer was delivered but without the printer,concerned I emailed the next day to find out where it was,I recieved an automated email from currys that someone will contact me in 72 hours. Did they, no. I phoned customer services after a week to find out what was happening,the man I spoke to took all my details,he was aware I didn’t want the computer without the printer,he told me it’s not his department and domeone will contact me in 2 days,did they, no. That phone call got me in trouble at work as I was on hold for 20 minutes. I decided to try resolver from a Google search,I have sent numerous emails but no response.

After these emails I recieved one answerphone message from currys saying sorry they couldn’t speak to me,they will send me an email, they left no direct number for me to ring back,did they email me, no. Curry/pc world are aware I want to send back the computer, I believe there aware they owe me a printer. I’m so angry after this I email again stating I want to send the computer back asking for advice how to do it. Nothing back. Yesterday I ring customer services again,after waiting fifteen minutes I’m put through to a male who after listening to me for 5 minutes tells me he can’t deal and transfers my call,another 5 minutes and I speak to Yasmin,she listens and after 5 minutes tell me she can see the issue raised but it’s not her department. She promised me,promised me someone will contact me that night,did they, no, how do I feel,insulted,angry and upset. Today I’m busy at work,miss a call,it’s Grant from customer services,again doesn’t leave a contact number but says he will send an email. He did 26 days after I’ve raised this issue,26 days stating the printer needed to be put in the basket so I don’t get one and the computer would have to be returned within 21 days and that’s expired.

I’m so upset, I didn’t see anything on website regarding printer in the basket,it’s a con,how many other people ripped off,21 days expired,I emailed 26 days ago,sent numerous other email,phone call, no one told me.

Now onto the computer,it’s not even working properly,the graphics card keeps stating not responding,I set up family sharing and no other account can log in,it freezes,what do I do,no one will help,I’ve wasted £700,arguing with wife as its my fault it doesn’t work.
The computer needs to go back and I want a refund,I will no longer shop at currys/pc world.




So I first took my laptop into PC world when it had virus’s on it to the point where I couldn’t do anything with it.
When I went in we were stood waiting for a good 5 to 10 minutes whilst the staff were just stood chatting, it actually took Curt to say excuse me can someone help please before anyone even acknowledged us.

The woman who served us didn’t seem interested at all, half way through us telling her the problem with my laptop she said excuse me and went to hug her friend who just walked through the door whilst we stood there in complete shock at the disgusting customer service. When we asked her if she could carry on serving us she came back with a sigh. I asked her if I could pay £30 so I can have the data taken off my laptop and then put back on as I had 5 years worth of pictures and documents on there. She said that I wouldn’t need it as it was only a virus removal, Curt and I were slightly puzzled by this so we asked her if she was sure and she said that I definitely wouldn’t need it so we didn’t pay it.

A week later I went back into PC World to get my laptop after having a call from someone called Chloe saying that my laptop was ready to be collected, however my laptop wasn’t there it hadn’t arrived back from knowhow and they said it must have been a ‘mistake’. So that was a wasted journey baring it mind it takes about 40 minutes for us to get there.

A few days later we had a phone call saying that the laptop was ready and I made them confirm 100% that it was definitely there and they said yes so we took the trip again to PC World to pick the laptop up, they said they had been able to remove the virus’s and everything went fine.
I got the laptop home and turned it on to find that I had lost absolutely everything, my photos, my documents, my Microsoft office, literally everything!

I phones PC World straight away and a man called Matt said that he would put a note under my name to say that his manager had said they can honour for them to do it for free. So we took the laptop to PC world and thee was no note under my name, nothing. So they had to contact what I assume was one of the call centres and the manager said they’d honoured it. They did a job on it for free which means they try and re-set the laptop to before when all the data was on it.

A week later we went to pick it up and they said that they hadn’t been able to get any of the data back, so Curt said well then you need to do something else because we’ve lost 5 years worth of pictures and documents. So they did a bigger job on it which means they took the hard drive out and tried to get the data from the hard drive. However when we went to get the laptop back a week later it was in the exact same place than when we left it so I truley don’t believe they even sent it off because it would have cost them too much. The man who served us didn’t even apologise for the fast I wouldn’t get anything back he just said well you should have got the data recovery, which we replied that we had asked for that and he said there was nothing else that they could do, but never once apologised.

I took the laptop home and turned it on to find that it had an error message when I turned the laptop on and it physically wouldn’t let me get past it, again we rang customer services and they said that the hard drive was broken so I don’t understand why they gave me my laptop back with a broken hard drive?!!
We immediately rang customer services and they said you will need to bring it back in, we said that they need to get it picked up because we weren’t going to do another 40 minute journey! They said that they will arrange for the knowhow van to collect the laptop on the Friday between 9-2, no surprise they came at 3:45.
We got a phone call half way through the week to do security checks on the laptop to make sure they can try and retrieve the data, which we were quite confused about because PC World had said there was nothing else that could have been done which is another reason why I don’t believe they even tried to do the second job on it.
A week later they dropped the laptop off, it turned on and was fine but still with nothing on it.

Since, we have phoned customer services and made a complaint about the service we recieved.The woman on the phone was very rude and said that it wasn’t there fault I have lost everything and said theres nothing they will do. We asked if there was any sort of compensation we could get and she replied ‘do you think money will get your picutres and documents back, no.’
I have also emailed 4 times 2 times requesting someone to call me as I wanted to make a formal complaint and 2 explaining what had happened, I just got an automated reply that says ‘we’ll get back to you within 48 hours’ I have not had a reply at all.

I have never in my life experienced such disgusting service.