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PC World – why do people use them?

I confess, I really like going around the store and playing. I would, never, however, buy anything from them, having experienced their dreadful customer service when things go wrong in the past. Their latest scam, I noticed recently, is to ask you to pay an extra £20 on something you buy for a ‘no-quibble’ return and exchange if something goes wrong! It’s like they have never hear of the Sale of Goods Act. They don’t seem to realise the drip drip drip damage to their reputation that is going on. If I had shares in this company, I would certainly be selling up fast! Interestingly, Amazon, has an absolutely marvellous returns policy and in the few times I’ve had to return something, it has been quick, easy and so much less stressful than trying to deal with the numpties at PC World.



Removal of Old Freezer/packaging

I was told Currys PC Worlds policy was to un-pack remove old packages and old item, when I phoned them. I ordered a freezer, they came and dumped new freezer, did not remove packaging, and said they did not have room to take my old freezer.
I have phoned them FOUR times and they have promised to take the old freezer away,IT IS STILL HERE. I would not advice any one to buy any item from Currys PC World as you can not trust them.


Mis information

On 27th Dec I visited your Oxford Street, London PC World and purchased an Apple  mini iPad, HP air printer and keypad/case. I arranged to collect the printer from our local store on the Monday. This proved to be difficult but was finally successful. Setting up the iPad proved to be even more difficult. After 2 hours I  phoned a help line to be told to take both iPad and printer back to a store for inspection. Another 15 min trip to Ashford to be told that I needed someone to visit my home to set it up. Not wanting to pay out more money, my son reset the iPad and started again. Still proving difficult. It worked for a few minutes and then lost contact with the Internet. It would’t do anything. An hour later I phoned another help line and, after a few questions, was told the iPad had a software problem and was to be replaced. Being told that the Ashford store was open until 6pm (New Years eve) I drove over there again. 5.12pm and the store is shuttered. Not at all happy. Next day drove to Ashford again and explained the saga again. They still tried to tell me that the IPad was okay, but I’d had enough. It was finally replaced. It was set up in a matter minutes and so was the printer. WONDERFUL. So, having spent over£300 in a store , travelled to another on 3 occasions and back again, I am now using the IPad to contact you. All in all I have been misled at least twice. Misled re: the iPad and printer and misled over the opening hours. If I hadn’t persisted I would still be trying to set up a defunct iPad and been without computer access for a week. At no time was I apologised to. At no time did anyone offer me a reason for misinformation. At no time did anyone take responsibility. Very poor customer service. Would not recommend to friends or family.



Rude service

We waited around for a long time. We knew what we wanted, all we needed was for the apple cupboard to be opened to get something out. We were ignored by over 3 people and kept telling us they were serving people or that we should go grab someone from the checkout.

Once we finally got served, we had no apology that we had been waiting in line for ages. There was also someone who got taken straight to the till because they were buying a laptop.

I politely told John serving me in the Staines branch that it would be nice for an apology. He replied telling me I needed manners and dealt with the problem very badly. I asked how long he had been working there and told me he had been working there 30 years and that he was a manager. We had a very bad experience considering it should of taken no time at all as we knew what we wanted .