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Faulty Laptop

Complaint – ASUS – VivoBook S551LN 15.6 Touchscreen Laptop

I purchased the above laptop from PC World at Newbury in July 2014 for my Daughter to use for her college studies. It was a top model with Intel i7 4th generation .

Around the 13th November it developed a fault with the hinge stiffening to the extent that the lid cover started to split. We took it back to the store in Newbury from where we purchased it on Saturday 15 November. It was returned in the original packaging complete with all accessories that came with the original supply. My concerns started immediately when I was told it was not under warranty. I pointed out that the hinge mechanism on this particular machine was clearly not fit for purpose and as such the laptop needs to be repaired or better still replaced. It would not seem unreasonable that a hinge on a laptop, especially a brand like ASUS, should be designed and manufactured to function multiple times a day for at least 4 to 5 years. The store assistant then reluctantly said they would send it back to the supplier for examination and I would be contacted the following week for progress update. Of course no update received.

Two weeks later and having had no update I went back to the store on the Tuesday 2nd December. After waiting about 30 minutes to see an assistant I was told that they would chase up the supplier and contact me the following day. Of course the latter never happened. What shocked me the most on this occasion was the total lack of empathy and understanding of a customer’s concerns and a lack of real commitment. I had to call the manager who repeated much of the same banality so I left the store no better off than when I had entered.

PC World has my money and laptop and that is an unsavoury position to be in as a customer. It would seem to me that there is an imbalance in the contract that benefits PC World much more than the customer.

I wrote (registered mail) to the Finance Director of DSG Retail Ltd on the 6th December. Of course no reply. I copied in ASUS who replied the next day saying they had not received my laptop from PCWorld.

On 9th December I wrote (registered mail) to a Ms Bickerstaffe, Chief Executive of DSG Retail Ltd outlining the situation and the reply from ASUS and asking what PCWorld intend to do about the problem. Of course no reply.

I am arriving at a decision point soon where I will have to decide between waiting even longer in hope that either the laptop will be replaced or a refund made, or writing off the laptop, leaving it and my money in the possession of PCWorld, and purchasing a new laptop so that my daughter can continue her studies efficiently. This somehow does not sound fair in terms of a customer’s rights.

I will be seeking legal action of course but maybe if my experience could be shared with other unsuspecting victims we could at least prevent others experiencing the same fate as me.



i went to pc world store in Swansea at morfa on what they call black Friday it could have been green Monday or purple Tuesday i didn’t know about it that’s all i know was that it was Friday and that’s the only day i have to shop with my wife.
i was looking for a television my son said to purchase a Samsung 40″4k smart tv, so we looked all around the store to purchase one but could not find one we asked one of your assistants for help as the Samsung rep was off and he told us that Samsung don’t do a 40″4k television i found that strange as my son said they do. so believing that the assistant was telling us the correct information we started looking for another Samsung 40″ of which we purchased a normal Samsung tv not really what i wanted but felt pushed into buying it as time was running out.
my complaint is that the assistants are giving the wrong info and i purchased a tv that i did not want.


Under pressure, no option & £35 paid for product I did not want

My husband  went to our local branch of PC World on Sunday November 30th
2014 & purchased  a HP 15 inch touch screen laptop for me as a Christmas

When he got it home & when  we went to set it, I discovered he had been
charged £35 for their “know how set up service” the salesman told him “had”
to pay this as it was already installed on the laptop. There was no choice
in the matter. So he paid her £35 thinking it was required. He was told
this after querying why he had to pay another £35. He thought you only had
to purchase a laptop & not all the “extras”.

As it turns out it’s just a USB stick that has boot files on it, as I work
in IT I am more than capable of creating recovery media for myself and
backing up  files.

I write to you to complain strongly, I don’t understand how they can “make”
you buy something that’s an option. in their words the software had already
been installed so she “had” to buy it and now they won’t refund it.

I feel the whole experience is far from perfect. Over sell seems to be
right word. As a customer my husband felt he was under extreme pressure to
buy all the extras from the salesman which we did not need or wish to buy.



Knowhow poor service

Several months ago I took my sons Lenovo laptop to PC World to get it repaired. They sent it away to their experts but when they contacted me I was informed that the Motherboard ,Cpu, Hard Drive & internal power cable all needed replacing. When I rejected this stating it was highly unlikely for all these things to fail simultaneously they did a rediagnosis and found that Motherboard and CPU were needed. I was not confdent with their work and felt cheated . I requested the laptop back. They sent it back but refused to refund my £50 fee even though I felt they had not done anything  to earn it.
I am now after several months find myself £50 out of pocket with a laptop which just sits on a book shelf taking up space!

I would suggest to anyone thinking of taking a laptop to PCWorld for repair to STOP! and think again. This might save them many weeks/months of frustration and also £50….