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missing laptop

I ordered a laptop online last Sunday, for delivery on Monday.
the parcel company failed to deliver it, and will not re deliver it until they have spoken to pc world.
I have emailed pc world non stop since Monday and I have still not had a reply. neither has the parcel company.
pc world customer care is non existent.


unhelpful organisation

We visitited PC World on Sat 7 Nov in Aberystwyth, to purchase a new laptop. We spent time talking with an assistant and subsequently made a choice. They said that to set it up would take 1 hour but we would have to make full payment before they proceeded which we did. We were given all documentation and we left to and have some lunch. We also had our two dogs with us so time was an issue. 60 minutes later we returned to be told the software which needed to set up the system we had taken away with us. We said we were given the envelope which we said  was not our fault if the software was in the envelope. They then said it would take a further 40 minutes which we reluctantly agreed because  we needed to get them home some 50 miles away. When we returned we were told they needed another hour because their internet connection was bad. We said we wanted to speak to the Manager who would not speak with us. We said we had to leave and we were told it our fault. We told them to cancel the transaction and refund our money. They said that would be difficult. We said that was rubbish. After a further 30 minutes our money,was reimbursed to our debit card. Their attitude was dreadful and we will never be visiting either PC World, Curry’s or Car Warehouse all the same unfriendly, unhelpful organisation ever again.


Complaint about staff

Hi.  I was in the Chester Greyhound store on Wed November 4th to pick up a reserved laptop.  Costing £829.   I asked an assistant about a discount on making a backup disc to go with it or some software.. But he ridiculed me and sniggered in a horrible manner and actually stood up to me and laughed in my face.  I was fuming that I was about to buy an £830 laptop and not only getting any discount at all but being treated in that way.  I buy a top of the line laptop from Pc World every 2 years but I will not be using Pc World ever again after this episode.


Undelivered item

I ordered a pc plus extras and paid extra to have them delivered before 12 the following morning. I had organised to stay home from work to except the order. At 12:20 I phoned and after being in a queue for 12min (at 5p a min) to speak to someone I finally got through only to be told they don’t know what’s going on and would get back to me. I said would it take long as I should be at work but do need the computer set up before 5pm as the lads wages need to be done. The chap from customer services told me not to bother waiting, which I thought strange. Obviously he new something but wouldn’t tell. I rang again at 2:30 but was put in a queue again. After 10min I put the phone down and tried again only I pressed the number on the automated machine to say I wanted to purchase something. Strange this time they answered but told me they couldn’t help but would put me through. I waited approx. 10min when a polite young lady answered then told me I had been put through to the wrong department and she would have to put me through again to the correct section. I was waiting for another 16 min (at 5p a min) then a chap answered, told me my order hadn’t been picked up by the courier along with several others so it wouldn’t come till the next day (Saturday). There was no phone call or email to let me know so I wouldn’t waste a day at home, even after me phoning at gone 12 they didn’t tell me nor have the decency to ring back to tell me. It is now 12 on Saturday, no email, no call and no computer. After they have your money they don’t care. I would avoid PC World like the plague. Customer services is terrible, after they have your money don’t care. They offered me my £9.99 back for next day delivery before 12. Its cost me more than that in phone calls let alone my wages for 2 days waiting. Shambles.
One very pxssed off ex customer