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Store infects my pc with cockroaches!

Recently my pc decided to blow, 15 months old still paying for it and its already toast barely use it to so frustrating, after calling Pc World I was told to take it to the store, get down there to be told by staff outside it was flooded and closed…. nice of the people on the phone to tell me to go to a closed store, anyway I gave it three days and we went down again, it was open and I put my pc into repair.
Anyway a week later I get a call saying my pc would not be repaired as it was a “biohazard” and they had found cockroach eggs inside my desktop. I have a brain tumour and low immune system but also care for two disable poor immune system grandparents, we have  air purifiers and the house is kept spotless and we have NEVER seen a cockroach here.
As you can imagine I was not impressed especially when they said I would have to pay for a exterminator to clear the computer before they would look at it again which as you can imagine I was not pleased about.
I was ill the last time I went into their store so dont relish picking my pc up from them again and being exposed to their filthy conditions, their store has infected my desktop and I am paying the price I am disgusted and furious and the insinuation that my home was the cause disgusts and enrages me.
This was PC WORLD/ CURRYS Newport Road Cardiff.


Microsoft surface 2

My i wife bought a Microsoft surface 2 at PC world burnley and received a voucher for 20 % off covers valid until 31 July
On going to purchase cover including keyboard she was rudely told by kevin at the store that this only applied to cover and not keyboards.
The assistant did his best and apologised for attitude and behaviour of kevin.
We feel duped by offer.


Logik W/L mouse pink

I ordered on line one of the above, it came and after 2 days was not working, made the 25 mile round trip to PC World in Swindon to return the item , previously before this I had called the phone number given on the order and was just left hanging on, so that’s why I did the trip today ..
I am now home and the same thing happening with the new one light flickering seems there that there is a loose part then light not working ..I was treated politely in the store but think the product is pretty bad and now will probably just get a better one but won’t be ordering it from your store….

I think a refund would be in order due to my having to sort this problem out myself…I do not want to do this trip again…….


Purchase of Surface 2

I purchased a Surface 2 and keyboard from Blackpool PC World on Friday 18 July 2014.  Got it home, realised it only worked when  plugged in, wouldn’t charge up, even though LED light on charger was on and “battery charging” icon appeared but showed message “0% available, plugged in, not charging”.  I rang their tech helpline, was talked through a number of diagnostics, confirmed defective battery.  Told had to return it to store.  Returned it on Monday 21 July, only to be told no more in stock, have to return next day to pick up replacement.  Returned Tuesday 22 July, picked up replacement.  Got home, plugged in charger, next morning same problem, isn’t charging.  rang helpline,,,,,,, have to take it back to store.

Returning to the store involves a 30 mile trip, through central Blackpool in late July!  This takes over an hour in each direction, plus time in store, and uses considerable amount of petrol!  plus cost of calls to tech helplines at lord knows what rates.
You cant ring the stores direct – have to go through the helpline.  I insisted that they set a further replacement up in store to charge before I would take it – guess what, it wouldn’t charge!  Neither would the display model.  Know HOw staff very helpful and  polite – called manager who was very off hand and tried to pass it off as a Microsoft problem.  Insisted on full refund.

Second problem is that apparently the salesman on Friday had set up a business account for me – I didn’t ask for it and wasn’t aware he was doing this, thought his questions were in relation to the what seemed unnecessarily complicated paperwork he was making a dog’s dinner out of.  Paid on my debit card.

Apparently because a business account was set up, the store cant refund my £500+ to my card.  I have had to wait for an email, which contains a phone number and a reference number; call that number – again at fancy rates – and request a refund to my card.  All this takes considerable time at 5p per minute, particularly as English is evidently not the mother tongue of the person dealing with my refund.  Then I am told money will be refunded in 3 working days!

Now have no tablet, and have evidently loaned £500+ to PC World for over a week at absolutely no interest!

Why did PC World not test all Surface 2s in store when they realised the display model wouldn’t charge?  Why couldn’t they deliver the replacement tablets to me instead of insisting I travel 30 miles to them?  Why couldn’t they replace my money directly onto my card at the store?  Why has it cost me 10 hours of working time, plus 120 miles in my car, plus several expensive phone calls to end up with no tablet and no money??  And what are PC World going to do about it?