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Non delivery of laptop

I purchased a Lenovo laptop on the 11th.June and paid for it in full on that day.Delivery was expected in approx.3 days to their local store from where I was to collect.I have been enquiring as to delivery on a regular basis and sent e-mails to their customer service centre.It is now the 14th,July and still no laptop.The reason given is that it has been lost between their distribution centre,their carrier and their store.The fact that it has not touched me is of no relevance.They are doing tracers but insist that they need a credit note from the supplier before a duplicate machine can be released.I wrote to S.James the CEO of DSG Retail on the 2nd.July and have not had the courtesy of even an acknowledgement let alone any attempt to solve the problem.
I phoned the store today and am still being told that a credit note is still being sought.Promised a return phone call which of course was not forthcoming.I wonder what the situation would be if a credit note was not ever issued.Would I get my money back.Two points of advice :Do not pay up front and only buy what you can see in stock.Then watch out for maintenance if the product goes wrong.

I wish I had gone to Amazon.


Bad repair

Handed in my laptop to be repaired thought as they are a large company I could trust them. I handed it in on a Monday and was told it would be picked up the next day and I would have it back between 6-7 working days. Thursday comes around and I haven’t heard anything from them. I called up the repair centre and they said it was only being picked up that day and I wouldn’t have it back till the 11th. I was not impressed with this however the 11th came around and I went to pick it up. Upon inspection the problem hadn’t been fixed at all and there was a quality assurance letter saying my laptop was working perfectly. If this wasn’t bad enough the outer lid of my laptop had multiple scratches on it. I was absolutely furious. The manager suggested I should get a refund for the repair which I will be pursuing but now I have to wait presumably another two weeks for my laptop. Disgraceful service


Tegra note 7 screen replacement

hi after many calls and sending my tegra note 7 off for repair 4 times after being told different things every time!!! ive been left with an unusable tablet, as the glass and just the glass has a crack in it and the charge port is broken, in the end i was told that they wont fix it as the glass was broken, if i was told this information correctly from the start i would have taken the insurance out!!! and now i cant even do that! i was told to take it to a repair center. i am un able to find one that will repair my tablet nor am i able to find the screen or charge port online!!!


PC World are disgraceful..

Pc World, Shame on them, they are a Disgrace, back in 2012 they leased me an ipad (which I came instore to purchase) I explained we (partner & I) have 6 children therefore would need suitable aftercare cover as it was a family gift  for whole household, so they misled us, advised us to opt for “Infinity” contract along with “Whatever Happens Cover”, we’ll be fine the salesman assured us, ” you’re covered for all mishaps, fire, theft, loss ” all for £29.64 a month, over 2 years totalling £711.34, twice the cost of an ipad, but we’re ok with that because we feel safe knowing we have “whatever Happens Cover”.
Yes they repaired the ipad 3 times last year without any hassle, unfortunately in a house full of kids mishaps happen, not misuse, not neglect, just a loving sometimes excited house, so approx. 1 month ago the screen got broken, 11 months since it’s last repair and now they refuse to repair the ipad, because they say it has been repaired 3 times before, yet the contract says,  covered for entire term of lease, oh unless they decide differently and pull out pathetic little clauses to worm your way out, and treat decent honest people like dirt, ( yes there’s plenty of there antics recorded here on the internet in various forums ) They even starred on a BBC Television Programme, so no it’s not just me, they really are masters of DECEIT.
So now we’re left with a broken ipad, a £29.64 a month bill as we have to honour our lease agreement (which happens to be with a third party and not yourselves).
According to a report parts required to repair my ipad :-
Digitizer – 9.61GBP
Support Frame- 1.95 GBP
LCD Screen- 40,14GBP
TOTAL- 51.70 GBP