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Toshiba Laptop

I am absolutely disgusted with how we have been treated by Pc World.We purchased a Toshiba Laptop back in December for our Daughter for Xmas.It started going faulty in January & i took it back to my local store in Romford where we purchased it.Straight away we were told it is a software problem & our original warranty does not cover us for this.So we were refused a refund or replacement.Now not one person had actually looked at the unit they just told us that it was a software problem.They said if we pay them £50 then they will do a restore but that is no guarantee that the laptop will be ok.I complained to customer services about this & was told that the fault was not a software problem & we should not have been charged for the restore.I asked for a refund & was told this needs to be done in store.I was given a reference number & told to get the store to ring knowhow & they will explain.When i got to the store & was explaining before i had even finished the member of staff Trevor said i am not giving you a refund.Then he refused to ring knowhow as in his words it takes too long to get through.He found the notes on screen through the reference number & he said how do they know it is software problem have they even looked at it.To which i replied probably the same way as your colleagues all told me it was a software problem without looking at it.He then said i would have to bring the laptop back to the store as they needed to see if we had done anything with it.I then spoke to knowhow AGAIN & 3 different people told me told me 3 different things to try which then resulted in us being told the item is faulty & they can arrange to collect it for repair.The item was collected & we were told that it would be back to us on Sat 14th Feb between 14.05-18.05.It got too 17.50 & i rang to say it hadnt turned up yet he came back to us to say he was running late.He was on drop 20 & we were drop 23 so it is on its way to us.We kept tracking on line & then at 19.50 it showed on the online tracking that it had been delivered.When i rang up again i was told that it had been delivered at 4pm so they will now have to look into it & try to track it down but no idea of how long this could take.The gentleman Robert refused to put me through to a manager or supervisor saying that there were none available & he was better to speak to than the manager.Which begs the question why employ managers.We have waited for a call this morning to let us know what was happening but did not receive one so when we rang them again we were told by keith that again no managers were available again.Once again we were basically fobbed off & told that they will try & track it when they get a chance.Now we have been told that it has been delivered to the store even though our address was all over the item.I would never ever use Pc World again & i would advise anyone looking at getting a laptop never ever to use this company.They do not care in the slightest about your complaints & you cannot get in touch with anyone to complain as apparently managers are pretty scarce



Treated like a criminal!

Bought a laptop from Milton Keynes store at 7.30pm on Monday evening.  When I got home and powered it up the crystal screen was smashed.  Took it back on Tuesday evening for exchange, only to be told by a very inexperienced member of staff that no exchanges are made.  I protested that PC World has sold me a laptop that is not fit for purpose and he told me I could pay for a new screen.  I told him to get his manager.  He disappeared off for 5 mins, and then came back stating that his manager had told him that “on this occasion” they would exchange the laptop, but it is not usual practice, as they get lots of people who drop their laptop and then expect a free replacement!  I assured him, through gritted teeth, that I had certainly not dropped the laptop, it was broken before I had even unsealed the packaging, and I was disgusted at being considered a liar.  This was after the insult of being sold the original laptop 24 hours earlier, but some oik with a BO problem who insisted on trying to upsell, despite me stating from the beginning of the transaction that I wanted the laptop only, no insurance, no Norton antivirus, no set up costs.  I only managed to persuade him of this when I threatened to walk out and buy the same laptop from Argos, where I wouldn’t get the upsell hassle .I also pointed out that their invoicing system contains no Fair Obtaining Statement, and if I receive one marketing communication by any channel I will complain, as there is no opportunity to tell PC World not to contact you.  PC World treat their customers like idiots, employ immature sales people who believe they have superior intelligence, and furthermore treat their customers like criminals.  I will never cross their threshold again.  I run my own IT consultancy – their loss of custom!




Took a tour of Currys and PC World on sunday at their Catford branch in Lewisham with the aim of buying a new PC for my wife as a Valentine gift. We settled for PC World due to the hospitality of the Manager (Male) as opposed to that of Currys – who even refused us customer – place of convenience to urinate.
We purchased a brand new PC with its accessories for £806.00 with a monthly insurance payable by Direct debit. She was so grateful for the present. We took the product home in our car safely though we saw the side of the box looked dented – we did not open the product  when we got home that day due to a football match we had to watch on TV.
Monday after work I decided to open the product to set it up for my wife, unfortunately upon opening the box and taking the wrapper off I found the product to be damaged – the screen had a crack across honestly I was schocked to find the product in this condition. I did not continue to open the other attachments like the keyboard etc. I rewrapped the product and placed it into the box in situ. and told my wife the bad news when she returned from work the next day as she was on night duty.
We decided to take the product back immediately and asked for a replacement as we were not the cause of the damage. Reaching PC World and meeting a lady manger she refused to take the product and rather accussed us of damaging the product. I was schocked to hear such a defensive accussation from a reputable store, I therefore told her I will take legal action to recover my product or I need a new replacement not even a repaired one. She told me there was nothing she could do to help my wife and I. I was so angry and felt cheated by PC World.My wife’s present and day has been turned upside down.We had heated argument and I finally asked her where lies their aim of seeking the best for their customer. I wasn’t going to take a broken product home so decided to leave it with them and collected a receipt.They said the best they could do for us was to take it in for repairs after 28days.
We collected a receipt for this and left – I am thinking of taking legal representation as this is not fair being sold a broken product by PC World of all stores!!!




Replacement laptop needing replaced

The problem with it is that the hard drive has failed The laptop has been used properly, has not been dropped or suffered any physical damage. It has been switched off after every use and sometimes I have allowed the battery to run down in order to prolong its life. This hard drive failure happens every time it’s switched on.

I went to the Bradford branch of PC World on Saturday 7 February and explained to them what had happened I advised that I had already had a PC technician look at it to find out the hard drive had failed. I asked to speak to the manager who advised mke that “the legislation is on our side” and that as the guarantee and manufacturers warranty had expired there was nothing that they could do for me. I would have to pay  £50 to have it diagnosed and then pay for spare parts to be fixed and if I decided not to have it repaired by you, I would be losing my initial £50.

As this is a very expensive piece of quality  equipment, I believe that this fault should not have occured just two months after the 1 year warranty ran out. I believe that PC World  should repair my laptop free of charge in accordance with the ‘Consumer Protection Sales of Goods Act 1979′. Quote :
The quality of the goods applies to their state and condition including their appearance and finish, freedom from minor defects, and safety and durability. They should also be fit for all purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied. Your rights under this Act are against the person who sold you the goods and not the manufacturer.

I would emphasise the word ‘durability’. I do not believe that the hard drive should fail 1 year and 2 months after the date of purchase. To further exacerbate my frustrations this was a replacement for another faulty laptop I had puchased from your stores. I do not feel this is a reasonable length of time for a laptop that cost over £500 to last.

My other concern was the offhand way the manager explained this to me. I asked for his name which was James and gave him an opportunity to offer some help. None was forthcoming and I was not advised of any other procedures if I still felt my complaint was not resolved.