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Poor service very unhappy

I am very unhappy with the service i have recived at the Doncaster PC world store.
I purchesed a Toshiba laptop from the store back in auguest, 38  days after purchesing it, it stopped working as well as it should, very slow and taking hours to respond on occations. I returned the product to the store after first talking to a tech guy on the phone who was unable to fix the problem and it was his advice to take it into store.
Myself and my husband spoke to the manager and asked if he would please replace the product due to it not working corectly so soon after purchesing it and explaining that i had only just started to use the laptop for my collage work, my husband had brought me the laptop as a present for getting a place on my chosen course. As we were out of the 31 day return policy he refused and he said he would be getting somone to look at it the following day and contact me. I waited for the call nobody rang i waited and waited no call was made, i made a call myself to the store to be told the laptop would be ready on the 8th and i would be contacted when i could collect it, again no call resulting in once again me phoning to be told it was ready to be collected.
As i had been given a loan laptop from the store i was able to get up to date with my work so did not need to use the laptop till i had been set more. Once i was ready to use the laptop again i was very upset to learn that the problem remained, I must stress that the repair team had found no problem with it while it was being repaired.
I again rang the tech guys and had a very long telephone conversation with them once again trying to correct the problem that the laptop was very very slow. The problem did not end so i again rang the tech guy who advised me to take it to the store. When we arrived it was almost closing time the person we spoke to was very nice but her language wasnt, we had heard her comment about being pissed off, she refered to the deputy manager as being an arse and even used the term should have been shit hot, i had to children with me, we were put in the dark, the staff turned out the lights and was stood with bags and coats at the door.
I was told i would be contacted and this time i was, i was told no body had looked at my laptop and it could be saturday before anyone did and i would be contacted then, we were on wednesday at the time of the call, saturday came and went so did monday NO CALL, I went into the store to find out what was happening, the manager did not seem to know, i wasnt even sure if anyone had even looked at my laptop or not, i ended up leaving the store being promised i would once again be contacted and no laptop.
I am still waiting for the call as i type this on another loan laptop.
I was brought my laptop as a gift to do my work, i am at the end of my course and have not been able to use my laptop i have had to use loan laptops from the store.
I found the store very unhelpful and staff quite rude and uncaring, i have never recieved this treatment from any of your currys store but have failed to have a good customer service experince from pc world.
The tech guys from know how were very good and i speak highly of them they were as helpful as they could be and also seemed not to understand why the product had not been replaced.


Returns Policy

I have just purchased  Laptop and wanted to return it the next day as was not what I wanted, far to complicated, over the years I have coped with all computers from the first up to an iPad with no problems at all,
It still has its protective covering on it , but was told there was no chance of even a credit note, my family have spent thousands at PC World, unfortunately the loyalty is only one way, I thought Consumer rights enabled you to return anything, but seems not at PC World.


Awful After Sales

Having spent £2500 at Currys/ pc world in bridgend I had some trouble with the set up of the devices that I had purchased. After phoning the store for some advice I was promised that someone would phone me back 2 days later no one had phoned me back. Phoned again and was told the same, someone will phone you back no one did, I returned the item to the store and was told that someone would come and give me some advice, after waiting in store for 45 minutes still no one came to assist with my problem, lucky enough the same item was on display in the shop after playing with it and checking the connections myself
I realised what I was doing wrong,  a little after sales services and advice is all I was asking for being ignored is not nice and will be going else where in future.


PC World sold me a tampered with laptop and accused me of doing the tapering

Hi , my letter to PC world explains all ……..

Dear PC World
I purchased a Toshiba laptop from your Romford store on the 8th October 2014, as a 16th birthday present and opened on the 15th of October 2014.
Once it had set the laptop up we noticed 3 scratches in the top left hand of the screen, I thought as soon as i get a chance ill take it back and get it replaced with a new one.

Last night 07-11-14 our son came to us and complained that it started to go really slow and then just stopped working. I inspected the laptop and said i will defiantly get it replaced today.

After speaking to someone on the phone i was told that it would only be replaced at the managers discretion due to today being 29 days after the purchase date, i was transferd to Romford branch and agreed for them to inspect the laptop.
At the store the laptop was inspected by the gentleman at the help desk. After i had pointed out the defects, he proceeded to say he thinks its been tampered with pointing out a missing screw.

I then asked to speak with the manager explaining that i should most defiantly receive a replacement, because on your inspection your conclusion was that it was a tampered with. In front of a line of customers your manager accused me of tampering with the device, and said he wanted to send it away for further inspection. At this point i must point out i felt victimised, and judged, due to the way i look and sound.

I refused to deal with the manager at this store, denying him to take pictures of my sold as new TAMPERED with laptop, collecting my receipt, and not fit for purpose goods i left your store .
The Sale of Goods Act 1979 makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality.
As you are in breach of contract I am rejecting the Toshiba Laptop and request that you refund the sum paid to you of £449.99.

I also require you to confirm whether you will arrange for the Toshiba Laptop to be collected or will reimburse me for the cost of returning it.

If I do not receive your satisfactory proposals for settlement of my claim within seven days of the date of this letter, I intend to issue a claim against you in the county court without further reference to you