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Boycott PC World – Scam with Product Support AG

After purchasing a printer which is 48 pounds from PC World, I recently found out that they have been charging my credit card 4 pound for the past 13 months without my authorisation for insurance which I did not agree to.

When I goggled Product Support AG, I found that there were several complaints against PC World and the difficulties in getting the refund.


I now have the problem of getting my refund back.


Faulty laptop from new

I have owned a Lenovo flex 2 since the end of June now and I’m embarrassed to say that it has never worked to this day despite what is now the 4th repair. I have made a 18 mile journey to p c world 7 times, spoken to like a fool by the manager (while being smiled at the whole time). Customer service advised me to contact trading standards when I asked for a refund. Having asked customer service to resolve this problem they said on 3 occasions they would contact the manager and get him to call me with a resolution I’m still waiting for those calls and when I call p c world to try and speak to a manager I’m told I can only request a call back. I am £900 down and have a broken laptop which has never been used once.


unbelievable and unacceptable

After purchasing a laptop for my daughter for use at University, within less than 24hrs it was obvious it was damaged!
The store replaced it, with the same model, and I hoped that was it!

However, very quickly it became obvious there were problems with the replacement. In short, My daughter had to take a very important test before being able to begin the next part of her course, said test to be taken with the aid of a computer. In the middle of the test it became obvious despite her not being a touch typist, the machine was not keeping up with her, even if she typed a sentence of no more than 10 words, it would display the first few, but she’d have to retype the remainder, and that occurred repeatedly. in addition, any downloads, would either not display, or we’re not saved at all. You could see inside the laptop via the mousepad.

The laptop had a hollow sound as if a part was dislodged or not secure, and more. The University verified there were issues with the laptop, so as resolution, agreed she could sit the test again as it was not her fault, which she did with aid of my MacBook
That left me with the effective laptop, at first I thought perhaps she was being impatient as teens can be, if something doesn’t happen immediately or appears too slow, but very quickly I realised it was not the case.

I work part time as an advocate, I downloaded files from the Mac to a USB stick so I could continue working, to my surprise the HP laptop would only allow me to upload 11 cases, the maximum no’ of pages in the biggest was only 40.  Suffice as to say, immediately I experienced the same if not worse issues than my daughter.

I had the laptop looked at inshore, contacted their KnowHow team when the store failed to resolve it.

Finally on Fri 18th Sept, I contacted PC World , spoke to Abby, after telling her the entire saga, she was shocked about what transpired  and informed me she’d be in touch with the store, I could go in that evening for a replacement or get an upgrade if I was not happy to continue with this model. Naturally not wishing to be greedy, I accepted the offer.

Sat 19th, I went to P.C World Glos, the manager was dismissive, made no apology for how I’d been treated or trouble I’d been put to. He referred me to a 19yr old boy to deal with what in my opinion by then was a serious matter. Boy was pleasant enough had a lot of knowledge, but despite my being obviously in pain, I was offered no seat or water to take some pain relief! In the end I was hustled out the store being told  its 9mins to closing can’t do anything now, after I’d been in the store over an hr.

Of course I contacted customer service again, and after what I can only describe as diabolical service, I spoke to a Manager called Darren Hodge, who made the strangest agreement, despicable! The store would cover £75, customer service would cover £75 and despite the original agreement I was being told I’d have to cover 75 for the replacement item. By then as they knew, I had urgent work to complete and file on a case I felt I had no choice, so I said I’d only cover £50 which was accepted by. Mr hodge, he said to give 30mins then go to the store and collect the laptop, this was Sun afternoon…

However, imagine my complete dismay, not only did they not bother to set up the laptop up, a service I’d already paid for, no on bothered to even get one from store. I was informed it’d take hours to do and I’d have to come back tomorrow (today 21st Sept).

Already that day had an emergency call out from my doctor, standing so long caused excruciating pain, and once again I’d made the journey for nothing…
This morning I received a call from the store asking for my email and password so they could set up McAfee and Office, then it was 11am, they were no where near completing. And the person who told me he’d take personal responsibility wasn’t even in.

Again I contacted customer service, I have to say, I’ve no idea what good they are, after informing them of the additional debacle, all they did was call the store, who lied, stating reason they did not have it set up yesterday was because they did not have my email address etc. I’m surprised logic has not played a part, if that was the case, how did that stop them getting it from stores, or even completing the initial set up! And the agreed payment of £50, had miraculously increased to £59.

I am not only horrified that a customer can be treated this way, for them to endanger my health, lie, fail in basic professionalism and due diligence is unbelievable and unacceptable!

So now I’m sitting here, using a friends iPad, to email you, I’m disgusted, exhausted and could loose my job all because p.cworld prefer lies over professionalism or common courtesy.