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Product Support AG

We never buy warranties and told the sales assistant that we did not want one. Exactly the same thing happened and have had amounts of £8.50 & £7.50 deducted from my credit card after buying lap-top & computer from Curries. Had to ring up to get these cancelled and going into Curries tomorrow to try and get my money back. I am absolutely horrified. After buying internet security from them they are then the culprits that rip you off! Will never shop with  Curries again.


X5620uk desktop 2009

I purchased this high spec machine for my self employed husband as everything has to be done online.
The fan became noisy and the high speed USB wasn’t performing. I phoned KnowHow as it was under warranty. They picked it up 19th January 2015.
On 3/2/15 I made yet another phone call on premium rate (they had my email, home & mobile number). They informed me that they had done a software recovery on USB, put in a new DVD drive and motherboard.
I phoned few weeks later to be told “they were waiting on new motherboard as one fitted was faulty”.
I explained I was getting concerned as “year end” was approaching and we all know hmrc for fines.
On 23/3/15 I was emailed to say we could go inshore and get new computer with a code given – they wouldn’t say how much so I could go online before going instore.
Went in PC world and got a print out for £349.
There wasn’t another model to my spec so I had to choose another model. Costing me another £300 on top. They tried to get me to buy office cd another £110 (my previous was already loaded). They tried to get me to purchase USB stick to back up (this can only be done once to get it right!!!). They tried to get me to take warranty – laughable.
My beef is that there were loads of refurbished Packard Bell towers for sale,, so they can obviously get parts and I queried the fact that my tower would probably end up being sold on (no answer)
I am fuming as I now have an inferior product.
Are parts hard to come by for Packard Bell?