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Poor Management and Service

Had a poor customer experience at PC World Staples Corner (London). Simply wanted to get some items exchanged as they were defected but it ended up being a headache and taking over an hour. First the returns team wanted to say it wouldn’t be possible to exchange at this branch, then the manager  (I don’t remember how to spell his name but it was something like Mayoutal or Maytal). Tried to say that an exchange wouldn’t be necessary as the shop floor model has the same defect. We went to the shop floor model after he said that and disappeared off somewhere, and was shocked to see that the shop floor model had no defect – so he was lying (to avoid the hassle of the exchange).In the end we had to battle a bit to get the exchange done. As a business customer with PC World this was an absolute disgrace.


Terrible customer service – Bridgend store

Boyfriend and I went in this afternoon to purchase a laptop.
I sort of had a rough idea about what I wanted but wanted to ask a sales person for further help. The floor manager sent her colleague over, who no doubt was the worst person I have ever dealt with customer service wise.
I asked questions about 3 different laptops and all he literally did was read the information off the paper provided. Literally nothing else to add.
I walked away from the conversation with absolutely no added knowledge. We walked out.

An hour later we walked back in to be served by a female, who sat us down for half an hour, got all the way through the sales process and proceeded to tell us the laptop we wanted was not in stock and would have to wait for the laptop on display to be reset to factory settings and was to be picked up in 2 hours. We agreed to come back in two hours. She then proceeds to tell us it may not be ready tonight at all.

Safe to say we walked out with no laptop and curry’s did not make a £600 sale.


Bad Service at Northwich Branch

On the 2nd July I took my old PC in to the above store because the  number one key does not work.   I was told I would need a new laptop..  I specifically asked for a salesperson who could advise me on what to buy in a reasonable price range.
a.   I do not believe I was given the right pc, the d drive is almost full, this I was told was my back up


Faulty Cooker

brand new zanussi cooker got condemned by the national grid we have no choice but to eat out which is expensive and can only get a contribution of 50 pounds towards it all and no engineer till next week is bloody ludicrous as not our fault and why should be out of pocket who agrees?