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Product support not wanted!!!!!!!!

After purchasing a laptop and telling the sales assistant we didn’t want any extras with it, we got home to realise he had charged us £20 for antivirus which we specifically told him we didn’t want. Immediately rushed back to store asked for refund on it and was given one. We were then asked if we wanted warranty cover again we said no and got home only to realise he had charged us for it anyway. A month later and I woke up this morning to £5.99 debited from account as clearly the sales assistant decided to set up the warranty cover for us anyway despite us saying we didn’t want it. A quick google search and I realised this is a common thing that happens and not just a mistake!

Disgusted to say the least and will not shop there again and will advise anyone else against it as well!




Whilst searching for a new Laptop in Curry PC World in Birstall Leeds I was shown a bundle deal. The Toshiba Satellite laptop and various security and other software amounting to over £300 and was told the software package came free with the laptop. However, whilst visiting the store in the White Rose center, I stumbled upon the laptop Toshiba Satellite for the amazing price of £189 I didn’t realise at the time and I wasn’t told that the said laptop also didn’t have a disc drive, now I’m stuck with this rubbish and software I don’t really need. A BIG THANK YOU CURRYS PC WORLD.

A shop i will NEVER buy from again. Kind regards Jeff Worley



windows surface 3

Went into pcworld ( Birstall) and asked about surface 3 deal . 128gb with black keyboard for £529 and he said  he’s looked and there isn’t a deal . In the end I said have a look online and he had a look and found it . Then he said they don’t stock it and he also said that  only certain stores have it and I can’t order it through them and collect it store  . I have to go to a actual shop that has it in . then he said we can’t use the buy it now pay in 6 months because they have physically got it in stock … is all this true?

Because I am not happy at all . Traveling all the way there to find out they don’t have it in stock.



buying a laptop for wifes birthday

bought a HP laptop told do not get a backup disc now so need a usb stic for backup costing 35 pounds, agreed to this and told them what password to put on. went back later to pick up got home could not get password to work. took back to shop they could not get password off so they said they would have to reinstall windows 8.1 2hours later told laptop was ready went to pick up laptop showed password and running ok so I thought. took home got competent engineer to check. when he checked he said they have put a password on the bios to stop you from putting dual operating system on computer.Went down to shop again and said it had a bios password on they started it up and said it working ok i said it is not and engineer re started computer and pressed esc to go into bios and it came up saying admin password. staff then said you must have done this i said i did not to which he as much as called me a liar. to this i became angry and said give me my money back.they refused and said we might be able to fix but not certain and i said i don`t trust you i want my money back they still refused the manager came and was no better and said you can`t have your money back and put laptop into plastic bag and put back into box i was so frustrated.

I am nearly 70 years old and being treated like this is disgusting, took computer home and a couple of hours later engineer took another look at laptop and found the manager had left the computer on in the plastic bag and box and laptop had cut out on thermal overload. what do i have to do to get satisfaction?