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HP mouse not working and complete dissatisfaction with manager in Dumfries store

I will not be buying a single item from the Dumfries branch of curry PC world ever again after the unbelievable way in which your manager just said can’t help. The product was only £24 approx however I have spent thousands in this store over the years from TV’s, Laptops, Cameras and iPads x 3.
I will Never enter the chain again and spend a penny.
The customer service was to say the least Of a manager unbelievable .


Terrible Customer Service

I visited PC World in St Johns Worcester looking for Programs to Display Photographic Images as a slideshow.
After walking all round the vast store eventually finding the rack where they were displayed. I needed to speak to an advisor so looked around, and saw a young girl in uniform just chatting to a woman with a baby assume she was suppose to be on the till. Another so called advisor was stood by a couple for 3 to 4 minutes looking busy but doing nothing much, I asked him if he could answer a question, he declined and said he was busy so waited a minute or 2 he was still stood in same position doing nothing just keeping guard on the 2 people by the Msoffice software. I had better things to do than stand like a dummy in a shop. So walked around to look for some other assistant, but the 2 I saw stayed away hovering looking busy. At the service desk I saw a guy sat down and asked him if he worked here, he must have been deaf as he just said nothing and looked straight through me as if I wasnt there.
That was my worst experience ever in a shop and cant believe the manager can run a store in such a way.
Never again would I step into another store under the Dixons Pc World Curries Brand


Know How Tablet Cover

In November 2013 I purchased an iPad through my local PC World (Southampton).

The sales person selling this to me offered me 3 months of hardware and technical support for free. For this I unwittingly signed a piece of paper which would sign me up to ongoing payments after this 3 month period. I did clearly state to the sales person I would be purchasing AppleCare, so I would only be taking the 3 free months and would not need to be paying for “advice”.

Now roll forward May 2014. I had never contacted PC world for support on this matter nor had PC World contacted me (post, email or phone) which would have identified my ongoing membership of this “support plan”). Then only when looking through bank statements and doing my household accounts did I notice an odd £7.50 disappearing from my account every month and the name they used for it wasn’t at all obvious for me to immediately identify it being from PC World.

I took a trip into Southampton PC World to double check this with them. Was told the only way to cancel and contest the payments was to phone or email customer.services@knowhow.com. I phoned and after >45 mins of piped music decided to try emailing. After nearly a week I got a reply and I was told I could only cancel by phoning – so again  another wasted >45 mins of piped music so decided to email again. Now after >2 weeks I finally had an email to confirm cancelation (and yet another payment had been taken out during this time).

Then a series of polite emails back and forth with me stating my case:

Of ambiguity, underhand sales techniques, lack of transparency and total lack of service.

My emails were eventually blocked (no auto responder) but when resent using a different email address it did auto respond!

So in conclusion?

I will never purchase from PC World, Curries or Carphone Warehouse ever again. I will encourage all of my friends and family to do the same. Shops will all compete on price so only customer service differentiates so, if there is none of that, why bother?

I shall also be putting in a trading standards complaint, on behalf of the less articulate and or vulnerable who could more than easily be ripped off for longer.

It’s not the money it’s the principle.

Also great news: one of my friends is Network Manager at one of the UK’s leading independent schools and just on the brink of ordering 800 laptops for his school from PC World. I would like to think my comments helped him go elsewhere.

The only way these crooks can be stopped is if we all refuse to use them!


iPad mini

I bought a new I pad mini on. 5/5/14 on 22/6/14 it would not turn on so we took it back to PC world/currys @ Kendal and the we’re supposed to send it back on the 2/7/14 & they store had not even sent it it was still sitting on the side , so it finally went . We eventually received a new machine  .  The 2nd machine  also broke down on 10 /8 /14 we again received a new machine on the   8/8/14 a new machine … On the 27/8/14 again it would not turn on same problem different machines .. I at this time wanted my money back but was told it had to brake 4times before I could have my money back …. Then they said it was the charger so we had to return they next day and they would sort me one out . When I went the next day they new nothing about it .. I’m sorry but I am a nurse if I gave this sort of service to my patients I would be struck off . I just want a I pad that work for longer than 5 mins .. I am not happy I want a iPad that works Is that too much to ask for .