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stop my monthly insurance

I purchased a computer back in September from your Chelmsford store, I specifically said I was NOT interested in paying the £10.50 monthly insurance although the lady kept on insisting (can you guys take no for an answer? i understand a couple of times but she attempted to sell it to me over 10 times from the transaction.) Anyway i ended up paying unhappily still with the service and it has only just recently come to my attention that for the past 7 months i have been paying £10.50 a month for this insurance!!!! this has to be some sort of fraud? that’s over £70 i wont be seeing again and i have no idea how to stop it.


Apple ME088B/A MY 20

I bought an Apple for £1,599 and with all the additional software to make it work cqame to a whooping £2,200.  I had several problems with it and after 2 weeks, I decided to ask for a refund.  After several trips to the store and the inconvenience and time I spent, the manager decided to give me a refund, but only for the cost of the Apple.  The additional costs incurred is about £500.  The manager refused to give me back the additional incurred costs, saying that the software has been programmed on the Apple, although the software did not make it work as it should.  Some of the software were not compatible.  I was not able to read my emails or some of documents which were transferred from my old computer, although I was sold the additional software.  IN all, my experience has been nothing, but a living nightmare.  My argument to the manager was that I only bought those additional software on recommendation from the staff at PC World and on the assumption that they would make the Apple work.  It did not and he is refusing to give me a refund.  My question is what am I supposed to do with those software which were bought to be used on the Apple, which are clearly of no use whatsoever to me.




Bad Service

I popped down to local PC World (2 Trojan Way, Croydon) this morning (9th April 2014 around 9.20 aprox) to buy some PC software. The store didn’t have it in stock, so I asked if I could order it instore. (order PCW1420060444) So an order was placed. When it came to payment however, instead of running my credit card through the card machine ensuring it’s security, your salesman asked me all it’s security details on the shop floor, as if we were talking on the telephone. I would suggest this isn’t very secure, but maybe this is PC World’s policy? I was then asked for an email and it became clear that some kind of account was being set up I did not ask for, as all I had asked for was to order something I could collect instore when it was in stock, so why would PC World need my email and home address for that anyway is baffling? In the process of asking for my email I gave it correctly, but I struggled to check it looking over the salesman’s shoulder on the tiny screen he was using. (As you’ll witness if you view any CCTV footage you have you’ll see me struggling to read it even taking my glasses off at one point) I didn’t much see this email’s relevance to ordering in an item to collect instore anyway as I was there in person, I was ordering something face to face with the salesman not online at all. When I was given my receipt though I was then totally puzzled as instead of a proper PC World headed receipt I’d always been given before, all I’d been given this time were four white sheets of ordinary printing paper as if I’d printed up an order placed online at home or something. I queried it with salesman a little as it was a little puzzling, but as I’d never ordered anything in the store in person before I just thought maybe this is how it is done? The salesman said something about ‘they just printed it like that’ so I took it as said, shook his hand and left. Walking to the car park I couldn’t even see my purchase on these papers at first, but I then I saw something about my order and presumed everything was correct. I only saw page two however as there were so many pages containing print absolutely nothing to do with order. When I got home though, I tried to check all the details thoroughly and were correct, but sadly they were not. There were some four pages of small print of which my own actual order represented not actually very much of it. I discovered however that my email had been entered incorrectly. I’d checked all through these plain sheets from back to front and found only a brief mention of my order on page two and my email on page one right of the bottom of the page. Noticing the mistake on my email address I immediately phoned up PC World to tell them that my email had in fact been entered incorrectly. I was simply staggered when told it could not be changed. If they could have simply changed my email to it’s correct configeration I would have kept the account, received the confirmation of order, retained the order with PC World, and possibly just changed the password on my account I hadn’t really realised had even been set up for me on the store floor. But no, I was told this change could not be done. This now resulted in someone else I didn’t even know being sent not only my password, but the confirmation of order itself and details of when they could collect it instore with them being able to print up the original oredr itself as their proof of purchase, so how stupid is that? And all for the sake of correcting an email address that was totally irrelevent anyway as I was standing there in the store in Croydon and should have been handed a proper PC World receipt the same as any other face to face buyer standing there in the store. What has now become clear is an online account has been created for me that was never asked for and it’s details were incorrect, so all I asked was if it could simply be cancelled, so I could then at least set up one with the correct email address I had actually given in the store itself? Again that was refused. I then contacted my card company who advised me to cancel the order altogether and cancel my card too which I knew they would as clearly my credit card’s security had been severly compromised anyway being read out aloud inside the store. I informed your telephone lady I do sometimes act as a secret shopper and as a result your company is not coming out too good. She then intimated I was only doing this to benefit somehow, but my reported comments whether good or bad get rewarded exactly the same, so it makes little difference to me. I was merely giving PC World the opportunity to show how it can put errors right, but it seems PC World’s policy is simply imovable and isn’t people or let’s say customer friendly at all. I have now cancelled my order with PC World by phone (twice) and had it confirmed to have been done so, the second telephone call I recorded in case of any dispute later that I hadn’t done so, but once again my request for PC World to actually confirm this cancellation or order in writing by email was blankly refused. I have scored my experience of dealing with PC World as a result as nil as they have blankly refused to help me even with the simplest of requests.